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NewsPicks’ CEO: Humans Pick Content, Not Algorithms, To Counter Fake News (Cheddar)

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NewsPicks CEO Ian Myers was interviewed on Cheddar, explaining how the platform aggregates top stories to bring the best content that’s obviously not fake.

NewsPicks CEO Wants to Fight Fake News With Civility (Bloomberg)

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NewsPicks CEO Ian Myers was interviewed on Bloomberg Technology on how the company plans to bring thoughtful discourse to the online news world.

ProPicker Introduction: Paul Marcum

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Paul Marcum is Co-founder/CEO of Big Finish Digital, the new agency that develops and delivers campaigns, content, and CX for entrepreneurial brands. Marcum created Big Finish Digital with Brook Lundy, his previous agency partner who subsequently co-founded Someecards.

ProPicker Introduction: Sonya Jackson

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Sonya Jackson is a self-described Executive Producer of ideas that matter. She is a leader in reputation management, giving, and social impact with more than twenty-five years of experience as a corporate executive.

NewsPicks’ founder Yusuke Umeda on the Acquisition of Quartz

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For those of you who don’t know me, I am Yusuke Umeda, CEO of Uzabase and the founder of NewsPicks in Tokyo in 2014. Today, I am happy to announce that Uzabase is acquiring Quartz and I want you, our NewsPicks readers, to have the first look into what’s to come.

A Major NewsPicks Milestone

Last November, we launched NewsPicks with an ambitious goal. At a time when fabricated news stories and toxic, troll-filled comment sections plagued most digital platforms, we believed we could build a more intelligent and more insightful community around the day’s most important news at the intersection of tech, business, politics, and culture.

Six months later, we are overjoyed to announce that NewsPicks is flourishing. In the last few weeks, we’ve hit two major milestones: surpassing 100,000 users and reaching over 100 Picks on several stories. We couldn’t have done it without the support of you, our earliest fans!

Introducing ProPickers Brad Jakeman and Maggie Chan Jones

NewsPicks is proud to announce a pair of new additions to our roster of ProPickers.


We are proud to announce that Brad Jakeman has joined NewsPicks as our newest ProPicker. Brad is a Senior Advisor & Consultant at PepsiCo, where he previously held the role of President of Global Beverage Group for seven years. At the Beverage Group, Brad lead strategy, branding, design, and advertising for PepsiCo’s global portfolio of beverages.

Introducing Our Newest ProPicker Colin Nagy

NewsPicks is excited to announce Colin Nagy as our newest ProPicker. Colin is the Head of Strategy at the advertising agency FRED & FARID with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Shanghai. Notable clients include Google, LVMH, Google, Saint Laurent, Porsche, and Hewlett-Packard.

Introducing Our Newest ProPicker Robert Safian

NewsPicks is excited to announce Robert Safian as our newest ProPicker. Robert is the editor and managing director of The Flux Group, a media, insights and strategic advisory firm.

From 2007 through 2017, Robert oversaw Fast Company’s print, digital and live-events content, as well as its brand management and business operations. Under his leadership, Fast Company won the National Magazine Award for Magazine of The Year in 2014. Safian developed annual features such as The World’s Most Innovative Companies and The Most Creative People in Business.

New Social Network Bills Itself As the Anti-Facebook (Fox News)

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NewsPicks CEO Ian Myers was interviewed on the social network’s business model on Fox News.

Facebook Hearings Could Have Used Some Real Tech Experts (The Street)

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NewsPicks CEO Ian Myers has shared his thoughts on Facebook and the state of social media on The Street.

Highlights From The First NewsPicks Live Event

On Thursday evening, NewsPicks held the first-ever NewsPicks Live event at WorkBench in New York City’s Flatiron District. These events are an opportunity to recreate the in-depth conversations that happen on the NewsPicks app every day.

Head of User Engagement, Jing Cao, interviewed the most dynamic and influential members of the NewsPicks community. These ‘ProPickers’ covered issues from breaking news topics like social media data collection, to the importance of honoring ethical business models and approaching the gig economy as an employee-focused founder.

Leading Geopolitics Analyst Ian Bremmer Joins NewsPicks

We’ve got some exciting news. Ian Bremmer, the president and founder of Eurasia Group, and one of the most influential voices on top issues facing the world today, is joining NewsPicks as a ProPicker. Ian is also a TIME columnist, creator of GZERO Media and host of its weekly digital series “GZERO World.” He’s a sought-after speaker and writer on everything from nuclear proliferation and the war in the Middle East to Russia’s growing influence across Europe and the rise of China. He coined the term “G-Zero,” which refers to a global power vacuum in which no country is willing or able to set the international agenda.